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A manufactured fiber of regenerated protein derived from maize.

Twistless, devoid of twist.

A carpet printing machine that uses flat screens and dual, metal-roll squeegees. The squeegees are operated by electromagnets to control the pressure applied. The unit also has a steamer for dye fixation. The Zimmer flatbed machine is normally used for carpets of low to medium pile heights. Very precise designs are possible, but speeds are slower than with rotary screen printers.

A three-step, rotary carpet printing machine consisting of:

(1) rotary screens with small diameter steel-roll squeegees inside, with pressure adjusted electromagnetically for initial dyestuff application;

(2) infrared heating units to fix dyes on the tips of the tufts; and

(3) application of low-viscosity print paste, followed by steaming for complete penetration of dyes into tufts.

A rotary carpet printing machine in which each rotary screen has a slotted squeegee inside to feed print pastes through the screens to the carpet. Pressure of the print paste is adjusted by hydrostatic head adjustments

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