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  1. In knit fabrics, a column of loops lying lengthwise in the fabric. The number of wales per inch is a measure of the fineness of the fabric.
  2. In woven fabrics, one of a series of ribs, cords, etc., running either warpwise or fillngwise.

1. The set of yarn in all woven fabrics, that runs lengthwise and parallel to the selvage and is interwoven with the filling. 2. The sheet of yarns wound together on a beam for the purpose of weaving or warp knitting. (Also see WARP SHEET.)

A large spool or flanged cylinder around which the warp threads, or ends, are wound in a uniform and parallel arrangement. (Also see BEAM.)



The extra set of warp yarns that forms the surface in a double-woven pile fabric, including types such as velvet and velour. Upholstery fabrics such as mohair, plush, and friezé are produced by this method. (Also see PILE and VELVET FABRIC.)

The printing of a design on the sheet of warp yarns before weaving. The filling is either white or a neutral color, and a grayed effect is produced in the areas of the design

A sheet comprising up to several thousand ends that are combined to make up the warp during preparation for weaving or warp knitting. (Also see WARP.)


A fabric fault that shows as bands or streaks running warpwise. Warp streaks should not be confused with reed marks.

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