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A polymer made from four distinct monomers


Pure silica that has been melted and drawn into glass-like fibers. Used for heat resistance and high dielectric strength

  1. A box filled with water into which fabric is run after singeing to prevent sparks or fires.
  2. See CABINET. (Also see QUENCHING.)

The “quiet” zone below the spinneret in which there is no quench airflow. Quench spacer distance is important in controlling fiber orientation and birefringence.

The cooling of fiber filaments after extrusion by carefully controlled airflow. (See CROSSFLOW QUENCH, INFLOW QUENCH, and OUTFLOW QUENCH.)

The nip rollers of a padding machine

A light, tapered tube of wood, metal, paper, or plastic on which the filling yarn is wound for use in the shuttle during weaving

The process of winding filling yarns onto filling bobbins, or quills, in preparation for use in the shuttle for weaving.

  1. A fabric construction consisting of a layer of padding, frequently down or fiberfill, sandwiched between two layers of material and held in place by stitching or sealing in a regular pattern across the body of the composite. (Also see PINSONIC® THERMAL JOINING MACHINE.)
  2. The process of stitch bonding a batting or composite

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