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  1. The complete assembly of filters and spinneret
    through which polymer flows during extrusion.
  2. A unit of weight for wool, 240 pounds

The time during which a pack assembly can remain in use and produce good quality yarn

A general term that applies to the shape, angles, tension, etc., of a yarn package during winding. Package build affects performance during subsequent processing.

See DYEING, Yarn Dyeing

A large selection of forms for winding yarn is available to meet the requirements of existing machinery and a variety of package builds is used to ensure suitable unwinding in later stages of manufacturing. Since a package with flanges cannot be unwound easily and quickly by pulling the yarn off overend, most packages are flangeless with self-supporting edges. Some can be unwound at speeds up to 1500 yd/min. The accompanying diagram shows six common types of yarn packages.


The application of a liquor or paste to textiles either by passing the material through a bath and subsequently through squeeze rollers, or by passing it between squeeze rollers, the bottom one of which carries the liquor or paste.

A machine used for dyeing garments, hosiery, and other small pieces that are packaged loosely in mesh bags. The unit consists of an open tank and revolving paddles that circulate the bags in the dyebath

A drop-shaped pattern that is extremely popular for men’s ties and womenswear

Knitted panels used for testing purposes.

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