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A fine, lightweight, plain-weave fabric, usually of combed cotton. The fabric is
often mercerized to produce luster and is finished soft. Nainsook is chiefly used for infants’
wear, lingerie, and blouses

A downy surface given to a cloth when part of the fiber is raised from the basic structure.

A solid aromatic hydrocarbon (C10H8) derived from coal tar. Naphthalene is
used as moth flakes and as the basis of certain dye components.


A finishing process that raises the surface fibers of a fabric by means of passage over rapidly revolving cylinders covered with metal points or teasel burrs. Outing, flannel, and wool broadcloth derive their downy appearance from this finishing process. Napping is also used for certain knit goods, blankets, and other fabrics with a raised surface

Any nonelastic woven fabric, 12 inches or less in width, having a selvage on either side, except ribbon and seam binding.

A class name for various genera of fibers (including filaments) of:

(1) animal (i.e., silk and wool);

(2) mineral (i.e., asbestos); or

(3) vegetable origin (i.e., cotton, flax, jute, and ramie).

  1. The sudden reduction in the diameter of an undrawn manufactured filament when it is stretched.
  2. Narrowing in width of a fabric or film when it is stretched.
  1. A thin, metal device, usually with an eye at one end for inserting the thread, used in sewing to transport the thread.
  2. The portion of a knitting machine used for intermeshing the loops. Several types of knitting needles are available. (Also see SPRING NEEDLE and LATCH NEEDLE.)
  3. In nonwovens manufacture, a barbed metal device used for punching the web’s own fibers vertically through the web

Flat metal plate with slots at regular intervals in which the knitting needles slide on the knitting machine

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