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A test for evaluation of snagging performance. A fabric sample is mounted on a revolving drum in contact with a miniature mace that tracks randomly across the sample. The spikes of the mace effect the snagging. The test predicts results in actual wear

The long direction within the place of the fabric, i.e., the direction in which the fabric is being produced by the

A hard-twist sewing thread, usually of 3-ply construction spun with S twists and plied with Z twist, especially made for use in sewing machines

A repeating structure in very small microfibrils of alternating crystalline and amorphous regions. Yarn properties are thought to be governed by morphology at the macrolattice scale

A lightweight, plain weave fabric with a striped, checked, or plaid pattern. True madras is “guaranteed to bleed.”

A test to measure the endurance properties of tire cord

The core around which the impregnated filaments are placed to form a specified
shape in composite manufacture

Fiber obtained from the leaf stalks of the abaca plant. It is generally used for cordage

A class name for various genera of fibers (including filaments) produced from fiber-forming substances which may be:

(1) polymers synthesized from chemical compounds, e.g., acrylic, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polyurethane, and polyvinyl fibers;

(2) modified or transformed natural polymers, e.g., alginic and cellulose-based fibers such as acetatesand rayons; and

(3) minerals, e.g., glasses. The term manufactured usually refers to all chemically produced fibers to distinguish them from the truly natural fibers such as cotton, wool,silk, flax, etc.

In the floor coverings industry, a distinctive threadline in the back of a carpet that
enables the installer to assemble breadths of carpet so that the pile lays in one direction or so that
patterns match.

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