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Short, lightweight cotton-like fibers from the seed pod of trees of the family Bombacabeae. A very brittle fiber, it is generally not spun. It is used for stuffing cushions, mattresses, etc., and for life jackets because of its buoyancy and moisture resistance.

The basic protein constituent of wool and other hair fibers.

A heavily fulled or milled woolen fabric having a high lustrous nap and a “grainy” face, kersey is frequently used in overcoats.

  1. A light yellowish brown.
  2. A khaki-colored cloth of cotton, wool, or combinations of these fibers with manufactured fibers used primarily in military uniforms and workclothes.

A large metal tank, capable of being heated uniformly, used for wet processing.

Process of boiling cellulosic materials in alkaline liquors in a kier at or above atmospheric pressure.

  1. In fabrics, a place where a short length of yarn has spontaneously doubled back on itself.
  2. In yarn, see SNARL.

The doubling back of yarn on itself to relieve torque imparted by twisting or texturing.


A method to evaluate the performance of fabrics, especially boys’ wear, when subjected to abrasion, stretch, and impact forces under conditions which simulate ordinary wear at the knee.

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