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A planar textile structure produces by interlacing yarns, fibers, or filaments.

The details of structure of fabric. Includes such information as style, width, type of knit of weave, threads per inch in warp and fill, and weight of goods.

The angulation induced between a yarn and woven fabric via the weaving or braiding process.

The maximum acute angle of a single weaving yarn’s direction measured from a plane parallel to the surface of the fabric.

The number of warp threads per inch, or other convenient unit.

Resin or latex treatment for scrims used in coated fabric manufacture to stabilize the scrim for further processing.

The correct or better-looking side of a fabric.

A lining or trim that protects the edges of a garment especially at collars, cuffs, and front closings.

A broad term for fabrics with a fancy-type weave made on a Jacquard or dobby loom.

Laboratory device used to determine the fastness of a colored fabric to exposure to light. The test pieces are rotated around a light source simulating the sun’s rays at 45° N latitude in July between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Fabrics are rated by visual comparison with a gray scale according to degree of fading.

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