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A term used to characterize fabrics that, after laundering, can be restored to their original appearance with a minimum of ironing or other treatment. An ease-of-care fabric generally wrinkles only slightly upon laundering. (Also see DURABLE PRESS and WASHAND- WEAR.)


See TEXTURING, Edge Crimping Method.

The curl that develops on the edge of a single-knit fabric preventing it from lying flat

In strength and stretch testing, the load below which the specimen shows elasticity and above which it shows permanent deformation. (Also see YIELD POINT.)

The degree to which fibers, yarn, or cord returns to its original size and shape after deformation from stress.

The ability of a strained material to recover its original size and shape immediately after removal of the stress that causes deformation.

A fabric that contains elastic threads. Such fabrics are used for girdles, garters, and similar items.

Synthetic polymers having properties of natural rubber such as high stretchability and recovery.

  1. A measure of the ease of transporting electric charge from one point to another in an electric field.
  2. The reciprocal of resistivity.

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