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The relative ability to absorb energy and deaden oscillation after excitation.


A crease mark or impression extending fillingwise across the fabric near the beginning or end of the piece.

A finishing process in which fabric, wound tightly on a perforated roller, either has hot water circulated through it (wet decatizing), or has steam blown through it (dry decatizing). The process is aimed chiefly at improving the hand and removing wrinkles.

One tenth of a tex.

A mechanical process for separating the woody matter from the bast fiber of such plants as ramie and hemp.

Polymers that have been chemically modified to increase their dyeability. Fibers and fabrics made therefrom can be dyed to very heavy depth.

A general term that refers to some flaw in a textile product that detracts from either performance or appearance properties.

A change in the shape of a specimen, e.g., an increase in length produced as the result of the application of a tensile load or force. Deformation may be immediate or delayed, and the latter may be recoverable or nonrecoverable.

The loss of desirable physical properties by a textile material as a result of some process or physical/chemical phenomenon.

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