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The warp which, along with the back filling, actually forms the second face (back) of double, triple, or quadruple fabrics.


The application of latex or adhesive to the back of a carpet to anchor the tufts, usually followed immediately by addition of a secondary backing material such as woven jute or nonwoven polypropylene.

A material with an extra warp or filling added for weight and warmth. Satin-weave and twill-weave constructions are frequently used in the design of backed cloth because they are relatively resistant to the passage of air.

A solution composed of varying amounts of cornstarch, China clay, talc, and tallow that is applied to the back side of low-grade, low-cost cloth to change its hand, improve its appearance, and increase its weight.

  1. A general term for any system of yarn which interlaces on the back of a textile material.
  2. A knit or woven fabric or plastic foam bonded to a face fabric.
  3. A knot or woven fabric bonded to a vinyl or other plastic sheet material.


  1. Rewinding yarn or fiber from one type of package to another.
  2. Winding yarn as it is deknit.

Fiber used for medical applications, socks, shoe liners, etc., in which bactericides are introduced directly into the fiber matrix as opposed to fiber simply having a bactericidal finish applied.

  1. A fabric woven in cylindrical or tubular form on an ordinary cam loom and used for grain bags, etc.
  2. Fabric bulging caused by extension at the knees, elbows, etc., of a garment lacking dimensional stability.

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