Technological quidelines

Elite Compact Yarn production

GMT 13:56 2017 Saturday ,01 April

Sriyadithatextile - Elite Compact Yarn production

Elite compact system

Nowadays, Most of the Spinning units having Elite Compact which is done for modernisation & upgradation needs. At the same time, its also indeed that the maintenance & monitoring should be done very perfectly to achieve the good quality yarn products.

Its listed below for the guidance for spinning technicians :


S.No Activity Frequency Remarks
1 EliTube guide rod checking Daily  
2 Cots Grooving Daily  
3 Lattice apron waste checking Daily  
4 Top arm pressure checking on dial gauge Daily 2.50 Kg / Cm2
5 Drafting Zone cleaning Daily  
6 Roving running over pin Daily  
7 OHTC function Daily  
8 Bearing LH grease checking Daily  
9 Bearing RH grease checking Daily  
10 Lattice apron damages Every EliTube cleaning Separate record should be maintained each machine
11 Top arm centering checking After every cleaning  
12 Roving guide centering After every cleaning  
13 Top roller setting After every cleaning 51 x 58 for P3-1 top arm. 50 x 58 for HPGX 3010
14 Traverse length checking (3 mm)  After every cleaning Traverse length 3 mm
15 Suction pressure checking After every cleaning 28 to 30 Mb
16 Pneumafil suction pressure After every cleaning 12 Mb - Fan side, 6 Mb - Opposite side
17 Automatic Lubrication checking for gears After every cleaning  
18 Tension draft (random checking) by QAD After every buffing Separate record should be maintained each machine
19 Intermediate gear checking During every buffing  
20 Ring centering checking - By stroboscope or by torch light Once machine / week Must to identify improper ring centering. Higher hairiness is the indication.
21 Suction tube cleaning - by using only knitted cloth Once in three months - Normal. Once in a month - During summer  Should use only knitted cloth for cleaning
22 Top arm load checking - Apex Gauge Once in 3 months  
23 HPGX 3010 height gauge checking Once in 6 months  
24 Insert checking once in 6 months  
25 Frame wise cop rejection  2 machines per week Overall cop rejection <2%, Quality rejection <0.5%
26 Spindle wise cop rejection analysis 1 machine per month  
27 Fron top roller greasing Once in three years Using Kluber. Please refer manual


Apart from the above, Please ensure the following.  
1 Please ensure homogenous mixing - The micronaire value between lots should not excess 0.2
2 Fibre strength (g/tex) between the lots should not exceed - 3 g/tex
3 Comber U % - below 3.5%    
4 Draw frame U % - below 2%    
5 Simplex U % - below 4%    

Comber SFC (W) content - below 6%

Most important to reduce the weak places in the yarn.



7 Simplex breaks - below 1/100 spindle hr  
8 spinning breaks - below 6/100 spindle hr  
9 Autoconer cuts / 100 km - below 80/100 Km  
10 Total cop rejection should not exceed 1% of the total cop fed  
11 Quality rejection cops at autoconer should not exceed 0.5 % of total cop fed
12 Rejected quality alarm cops should be treated as second quality and should not be mixed with regular production
13 Rewinding breaks should be less than 0.5 breaks / lakh metre  
14 Objectionable faults at autconer should be Zero  
15 Minimum RKM Should not be less than 15 irrespective of counts  
16 Weak places at 118 Gms should be less than 15 in both E and F  
17 Contamination and foreign matters should have been removed effectivelty at blow room and autoconer
18 Package defects breaks should not exceed morethan 0.2 /million meter

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