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Nowadays, Most of the Spinning units having Elite Compact which is done for modernisation & upgradation needs. At the same time, its also indeed that the maintenance & monitoring should be done very perfectly to achieve the good quality yarn products. Its listed below for the guidance for spinning technicians :   S.No Activity Frequency Remarks 1 EliTube guide rod…Read more
MAG was established in 1991 with an insight to design and develop testing instruments for Textile industry. Over the years, the company has grown its product portfolio and aligned its offering to the changing industry requirements and technology advancements. Today, MAG Solvics Private Limited is a multi-product, multi-market enterprise that provides total testing solutions and online monitoring solutions for all…Read more
  PREMIER's philosophy of "Intelligent Technology", "Intelligent Solutions" and "Intelligent Support" is designed to address the challenges, while at the same time making it easier for the textile producer to achieve his quality goals. PREMIER iQ2 DX – Evenness Tester   Measurement of Yarn, Roving/Sliver for Evenness and other properties from two independent testing towers Unrivaled knowledge base with Automatic…Read more
USTER® HVI 1000 Using patented technology, the USTER® HVI 1000 rapidly provides full reports on 11 important quality characteristics describing the length, strength, fineness, color and moisture content of the fiber. Spinners need to have confidence in the quality of the raw cotton they are sourcing. The ability to test and class cotton accurately using the USTER® HVI 1000 is…Read more
Relative Humidity Relative humidity for different departments : Departments Relative humidity Temperature   Cotton Viscose Polyster In oC InoF Mixing 60 – 65   45 – 55 27 – 35 80 - 95 Blow room 50 – 55 50 – 60   27 – 35 80 - 95 Carding 50 – 55 50 – 60 50 – 60 27 – 35…Read more
SHORE HARDNES OF TOP ROLLER COTS : Draw box top roller       700 – 800 shore Detaching roller            600 - 650 shore Draw frame top roller    800 - 900 shore Fly frame top roller       700 - 800 shore   SPINNING & YARN : CONVERSION TABLE FOR YARN COUNTS   Tex Den Nm Grains/yd Tex   den/9 1000/Nm gr.yd   x 70.86 Ne 590.54/tex 5314.9/den Nm x…Read more
At PREMIER, technology is interwoven into everyday solutions and is ably supported by an industry defining customer support program. The intelligence quotient in our products and services bear testimony to the same.Read more
This is oldest and most used in woven finished fabric what is 10 point system in fabric inspection If you want to produce high quality garments, you need high quality piece goods. When a sewing factory receives fabric from the mill, it is difficult to conduct a full 100% inspection of the fabric. 'Apparel Search recommends a minimum 10% inspection…Read more
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 USTER STATISTICS is today acknowledged throughout the global textile industry as THE essential tool for comparing key parameters along the entire yarn production chain, from raw fiber through sliver and roving to the final yarn. The assessments for the USTER® STATISTICS 2007 were begun in 2001 and concluded in 2006. They include the most comprehensive range of reference figures which…Read more
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