Technonlogy highlights

ITME-2016 - Innovative Machineries

GMT 13:22 2017 Saturday ,01 April

Sriyadithatextile - ITME-2016 - Innovative Machineries

ITME -2016 - Highlights



1.  Trutzschler T Move coiler in TC 15 cards , 1200 mm Jumbo cans , up to 2.50% effy improvement.

2.  LMW LK 700 Combers , separate gear boxes , 2 tons output per day - 700 Npm.

3.  LC 636 cards , 1.95 m3 carding area , Brass flats , 1.50 metre width , 250 kgs per hour.

4.  Individual Spinning Monitoring system from Premier Ultimo , Pinter , Uster Sentinel .(Ring data)

5.  E86 comber of Reiter and TCO12 comber of Trutzschler up to 2 tons per day production.

6.  RSB D50 drawing with better features for maintenance.

7. LF 4200 LMW and Speed 5A from Zinser Simplex.

8. Better type suction ensured Compact spinning from Reiter K42, LMW , Saurer , Toyota RX 300 .

9. New Generation Spinning from ROTORCRAFT - Green compact with magnetic spacer adopter , Replaceable cradle and saddle for better uniformity in setting , highlight is Ring rails and Lappet hooks are stationary , Spindle beams will traverse up and down for a better spinning tension and common Spindle beam filled bolster assembly in which spindles can be plugged . Oil replacing once in 10 years.

10. Drumless winder in Autoconer 6 Schlafhorst , Savio Eco pulsar , Murata FPRO.

11. Autodoff in Peass Propeller assembly winding.

12. Lattice Aprons are manufactured by Precitex and Inarco.



13. More than 1000 rpm , 2400 to 3300 ppm weft insertion in Picanol , Toyota and Tsudakoma looms.

14. Electronic jacquards from Staubili and indigenous indian manufacturers.



15. Combined range of CSP testing , RKM testing , Evenness testing all in one . Sliver and Yarn tested simultaneously.

16.  Full range of instruments for splicer , fibre , fabric and Yarn from Mesdan .

17. Fibre testing Length, strength, Mic , trash , Neps all in one , both the instruments from Loepffe.

#Value_Addition & #Accessories
18. Many choices for Card wires,   Ring and Travellers, Cots and Aprons , Spindles , Empties in Spinning , Material carriers , etc.

19.  LMW displayed trial machine of Air jet spinning.

20. Patrolling E scooter from Premier , Advaith Lakshmi , Pinter and Mylon metallics.

21.  Strabascope from LRT.

22. Air textured Polyester Sewing thread Yarn from SSM which will replace "Blow room to Autoconer" thereby eliminating several processes with one single machine from SSM to minimise the process costs.

23.  Easy manufacturing of "dual core" yarn 'without' any additional creel and any additional draft attachment for the filament yarn by using SSM Air Covering Machine. Only single core attachment is sufficient to produce dual core yarn if SSM Air Covering MC is used.

24. SSM Assembly winder with Lycra Attachment for 'twisted stretch yarns' for stretch garments.

25. An Economical universal 5-in-1 SSM Precision/ Digicone winding MC for several applications such as
a) Assembly winder for feeding to TFO. One MC for 1" to 8" traverse with no hardware changes. Good for making "zero twist yarns" for use in Terry towel.
b) Assembly winding for making parallel yarns onto cones for sheeting fabrics.
c) Soft winding on to perforated tubes with round edges
d) Rewinding on to cylindrical or conical from 1" to 8"traverse. With PVA yarn wound on SSM MC, hollow yarns may be produced in Ring Spinning.

26. Best for winding 'core yarns' with zero winding tension on cylindrical or conical packages with 'designer' packages.

27. It has many features like in one section two different speed you can maintain. No bolster. No need of oiling for spindles at least for 10 years. No need of greasing for fluted rollers for the life time. You can run two different counts on two sides.  You can change the bottom apron without stopping the machine. From the starting itself you can run 25000 rpm and gain a 40 % production gain. Bottom quarter of the yarn will have the same quality as in the other quarters of yarn.

28. Texparts exhibited SEH series Top Arms. It can be mounted on the hexagonal tube of lmw.



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