Shandong Hicas
SHANDONG HICAS MACHINERY (GROUP) CO.,LTD , CHINA is the major weaving Machinery manufacturer and delivering good quality weaving machines in Airjet , Water jet and Rapier models. AIRJET WEAVING MACHINES:  JA21 AIR JET LOOM  Machine specification:                     Reed width : 150-360cm         Shedding : plain&cam&dobby         Nozzle : single & double & more      …Read more
The development of the innovative Open Reed Weave (ORW) technology by DORNIER has created the foundation for integrating completely new functions into the weaving process. System design demands a large technical effort in realizing patterns in the fabric surface. Floating threads that occur on the rear fabric side increase the surface weight. With technical fabrics, the fabric structure leads to…Read more
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