HIGHLIGHTS OF ITME -2016 - SPINNING DIVISION Spinning 1.  Trutzschler T Move coiler in TC 15 cards , 1200 mm Jumbo cans , up to 2.50% effy improvement. 2.  LMW LK 700 Combers , separate gear boxes , 2 tons output per day - 700 Npm. 3.  LC 636 cards , 1.95 m3 carding area , Brass flats , 1.50…Read more
NESTLING gives a good solution for WHITE Polypropylene removal in cotton industry. Nowadays spinners are providing this NESTLING Blue i - Scan Sorter at the final stage of the Blowroom line for the removal of WHITE PP & practically they are getting more than 85% efficiency. The Right solution for very high elimination efficiency of : Optically brightened white, Non-transparent…Read more
  We are dedicated to helping companies to achieve their Goals by achieving desired product quality and productivity with the Minimum Interference of Human Hands , by providing right amount of automation at various levels of the process to make mills self reliant by overcoming the constraints of manpower and complicated lay-outs. Our Roving Transport system is installed overhead on…Read more
RSB-D 45 AUTOLEVELLER DRAW FRAME AND SB-D 45 DRAW FRAME - ADVANCED QUALITY AND FLEXIBILITY High quality and productivity at delivery speeds of up to 1 100 m/min – that is what the new RSB-D 45 Autoleveller draw frame and the SB-D 45 draw frame without autolevelling offer. Excellent scanning precision and autolevelling dynamics result in outstanding sliver regularity. A unique sliver sensor guarantees…Read more
The G 36 ring spinning machine is a further milestone in the development of the successful Rieter ring spinning technology. All proven features of the G 35 predecessor model have been adopted but the energy consumption has been further distinctly reduced with the suction tube ECOrized. The electronically-controlled drafting arrangement drive FLEXIdraft permits highest flexibility. Customers profit from a high-capacity,…Read more
Autoconer X5 winding machines offer the technological know-how of Schlafhorst built up over decades and guarantee maximum quality, productivity and cost efficiency for business success in package winding. More than 2 million winding units sold worldwide are proof of excellence and provide outstanding performance every single day. Excellent, individually optimised package and splice quality Maximum efficiency and productivity in winding…Read more
Card TC 11 – The new success formula for carding Harmony of efficiency, quality and productivity : The cost pressure in the textile industry grows from year to year. This is also due to the fact that the spinning mills cannot pass on the climbing cost of cotton 1:1. At the same time, the quality requirements of the consumers increase.…Read more
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