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Mayer & Cie, Albstadt based knitting machine manufacturer’s order entry in 2nd quarter of 2016 has reached the highest in around 30 years. The company expects to manufacture about 1,500 machines majorly for international customers by the year’s end. China, followed by India and Turkey are by far the largest markets. “Looking at our order entry since 1 January 2016,…Read more
PAILUNG - Taiwan based Knitting machine manufactures created a advanced technology, that Knitted fabric can get direct from Sliver itself. In this Simplex, Spinning & Autoconer is completely eleminated. Less Machinery cost, Less Labour cost, Less Space - all the things are the special things for this advanced innovation technology. Its Quite interesting & most of the spinners can able to…Read more
Xiamen Zenlihua
Xiamen Zhenlihua Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. After more than ten years' development, it has successively set up the sales and market service sites in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong province in China. The company was committed to the researching, developing, producing and selling of Circular Knitting machines. Zhenlihua products range from Single Circular Knitting Machines, Double Circular Knitting…Read more
Lonati S.P.A Machineries
LONATI S.P.A, CIRCULAR KNITTING MACHINES Lonati S.p.A, a leading world manufacturer of sock-knitting machines with an annual output of over 8,000 machines, has designed a fully revised range for 2008. The classic G 5JA men's sock knitting machine with a flipping dial, which has been marketed all over the world, with one hundred units ready for installation in North-American factories,…Read more
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