Cause and Remedies

Major Yarn Package Defects

GMT 15:58 2017 Saturday ,07 October

Sriyadithatextile - Major Yarn Package Defects

Balaramakrishna Spg Mills, Guntur - Technical Team

In the Current scenario of Export yarn market, apart from the yarn quality, it is mandatory to give the yarn package free from defects. In this interview with Technical Team of M/s Balaramakrishna spinning mills, Guntur – Mr. Naresh Laad – GM, Mr. Srinivasa Rao – QM, Mr. SK. Vali -  MM, Mr. Achyutha Rao – PM,   they given Causes, Effects & Remedies of some major package defects.


Package defects :

 Some Major Package defects are,

  1. Slough off
  2. Ring cuts
  3. Stitching on cone
  4. Ribbon Wound cone
  5. Soft cone


  1. Slough off

  Cause :

  • Improper ring rail movement
  • Worn builder cam
  • Loose package & excessive coils in the package
  • Soft build of bobbins
  • Improper bobbin fit and slack tapes



  • Increase in the end breaks
  • Higher yarn waste



  • Ring rail movement to be set right
  • Optimum ratio of winding : binding coils and optimum chase length to be maintained


  1. Ring-cuts :

  Cause :

  • Spindle or bobbib wobbling
  • Use of lighter travellers and in-correct ratchet wheel
  • Movement of spindles to rings not concentric



  • Excessive breaks during winding
  • More hard waste at winding



  • Worn spindles to be replaced
  • Improper fit of bobbins with spindles to be avoided
  • Gauging of spindles with rings to be properly carried out
  • Use of right type of traveller and ratchet wheel to be used


  1. Stitching on Cone :

  Cause :

  • Vibrating and wrongly set cone holder
  • Yarn coil wrapped round the base of cone holder
  • Traverse restrictors fixed at incorrect position
  • Improper alignment of tension brackets with the drum



  • More end breaks in the subsequent process
  • Excessive yarn waste



  • Overhauling of cone winders to be periodically carried out
  • Cone holders settings and alignment of tension brackets with the drum to be carried out as possible


  1. Ribbon Wound Cone :

  Cause :

  • Winding spindle not revolving freely
  • Cone holders incorrectly set
  • Defective settings of cam switch
  • Lint accumulation in builder


  • High level of Slough off during unwinding
  • Excessive yarn waste
  • Uneven dye pickup in the case of dye package



  • Overhauling of cone winders to be periodically carried out
  • Anti ribboning mechanism to be checked at frequent interval
  • Free movement of cone holders to be ensured by proper lubrication


  1. Soft Build Cone :

  Cause :

  • Improper alignment of winding spindle to winding drum
  • Insufficient unwinding tension
  • Inadequaate cradle loading



  • Overall density of the package is lower
  • Soft packings either at the base or at the nose of the cones



  • Unwinding tension to be maintain at 6% to 8% of single yarn strength
  • Cradle pressure to be maintained at optimum level.


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