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At Knit Show at Tirupur

ColorJet to launch green digital printing

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Digital inkjet printer manufacturer, ColorJet Group, will introduce its direct to fabric digital printing machines using water based pigment inks aimed at green digital printing at the Knit Show, to be held from August…Read latest news

Ongoing industrial relation project in Cambodia

H&M launches Industrial relations programme in Ethiopia

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Swedish clothing major H&M, International Labour Organization (ILO) and Swedish…

To be a Major Textile Hub

Bengal Global Business Summit - 2016

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Bengal Global Business Summit, 2016 was held on January 8…

Deal hammered out at WTO

Trade ministers deliver global cotton

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Global trade ministers agreed on a deal calling for cotton from least…

Knitted Fabric direct from Roving

Mayer & Cie- New Innovation Technology

Mayer & Cie, Germany - the Leading Knitting machines manufacturers…

The new Interest Equalisation Scheme

Textile Exports: Industry welcomes new interest subsidy scheme

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The new interest subsidy scheme for textile exports has been…

Southern India Mills Association (SIMA)

8th ceo cofnerence to discuss challenges in textile business

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The Eighth edition of CEO Conference organised by Southern India…

Preparatory is Heart of the process

Basic process requirements for good yarn quality

In Textile yarn preparation, the heart of the process is Mixing, Blowroom & Carding, which will decide the final output yarn quality according to the end use requirement. In this Casual discussion regarding process basic requirements for good yarn quality, Mr. Pratap - GM at M M Yarns, Rajkot - has given very elaborately guidelines… Read interview
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Mayer & Cie, Albstadt based knitting machine manufacturer’s order entry in 2nd quarter of 2016 has reached the highest in around 30…
NESTLING gives a good solution for WHITE Polypropylene removal in cotton industry. Nowadays spinners are providing this NESTLING Blue i - Scan…
PAILUNG - Taiwan based Knitting machine manufactures created a advanced technology, that Knitted fabric can get direct from Sliver itself. In this…

Your Opinion

Expectation of upcoming New National Textile Policy

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Interlocking loops of yarn by means of needles

Basic Concept of Knitting

Knitting is considered to be the second most frequently used method of fabric construction, after weaving. It is one of the several ways to turn thread or yarn into cloth. It is similar to crochet in the sense that it consists of loops pulled through other loops. In other words, knitting is the process of construction of a fabric made of interlocking loops of yarn… Read quality news

In domestic cotton output

Cotton spinning mills face decline

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Rise in cotton prices this year has caught off guard Cotton Spinning industry with low cotton stocks as domestic output is set to decline double digit in season 2015-16. The industry is suspecting heavy squeeze in margins as demand-supply imbalance is stoking cotton imports and new crop arrival is delayed due to late sowing of cotton. "High off-mark cotton crop… Read cotton news
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